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Our vision

Hyderabad’s rich and diverse cultural heritage revitalised

Hyderabadis in Oath

I pledge to devote undiminished time and professionalism to revive, restore, and modernise multicultural Hyderabad to yesteryear’s glorious pomp and splendour.

Ensure in the near future, to work with all likeminded Hyderabadis to realise this cherished goal

Philip Ellis

Where are we today

As a Tourist Destination :


Work in Progress



Nizamia Observatory

One of 20 observatories around the planet that originally mapped the celestial skies the Nizamia Observatory is part of a great legacy in Hyderabad. The data it collected is still valid for scientists

Sheikhpet Sarai

More than 450 years ago the rulers of Golconda built this Sarai or resthouse for weary travellers arriving to do business with Golconda. The Sarai complex has the potential to still serve Golconda in a new avatar albeit for tourists

Coffee table Book

Hyderabad Social Diaries’s first book is a compilation of stories, anecdotes, reflections and humour and amazing never seen before pictures about Hyderabad’s culture, written in the words of Hyderabadis

Explore Hyderabad's Rich Heritage

Hyderabad Social Diaries

Hyderabadis sharing their stories, anecdotes, reflections and humour about life in Hyderabad

Hyderabad Heritage Trust - discussion group

If you have ideas about how Hyderabad should be improved, meet like minded people who share your concerns and passion, and build consensus on an action plan to revive heritage this is the place

Hyderabad Heritage Archive

A pictorial archive of Hyderabad and Telangana’s rich natural and architectural legacy

Hyderabad's Automotive Legacy

As the premier princely state of India Hyderabad had an enviable collection of cars not just with the ruling elite but across families of Hyderabad. Discover this rich legacy.

Hyderabad's Motorcycle Legacy

Explore the rich tradition of motorcycling in Hyderabad with some of the finest machines ever made.

Hyderabad Heritage news

An archive of Media reports on Heritage in the news

Our Strategic Partners

Together we combine our ideas, creativity, passion and resources to realise our dream of a Hyderabad Revitalised !

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About Us

The Hyderabad Heritage Trust (HHT) is a result of an intimate understanding of the culture of Hyderabad with clarity about the importance of preserving this heritage. Through initiatives that develop cultural markers as either tourism destinations or for community benefit the HHT ensures the preservation and sustenance of this rich heritage for future generations to enjoy

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